Wednesday, 11 January 2012

As I graduated and having my own responsibilities toward my life,
i learned so much about how to put and give my strength in order to motivate myself
it's not that easy you know, for u to build your own life, to get a thing that u like and
having fun with what u doing right now.
there is the time i think this life is much easier when i was a student which even though we had a lots
of things to do, we still had  time to sleep, having gossip time with friends, for sport and etc.
Now what i feel is 24 hours are not enough for me. i work for 12 hours or more than that
sometimes. Who expect their life gonna be super duper busy like this one day.
It is not easy for me to motivate myself actually. to woke up early in the morning and work til late nite.
so much thing i need to think and put on my shoulder.
this is life.
it is so easy to be our own enemy. and it's also hard to depend on people when you need them.
i've come to the thought that I need to start becoming my own bestfriend.
It takes looking inside my heart to see and find my flaws.
We all have flaws. there's no doubt about it, but we all have something amazing about us too..
that what make me difference from u, from others.
sometimes when im alone all i think is how to make myself better. how to make thing get better.
I dun even know how i've been thru all the hardest time happened in my life.
til now, i don't even know how im being positive about everything happened.
life isn't easy. u and me. doesn't matter who u r. we have our own problem.
which bring us down. which fall us into pieces.
there is the time when i hold my tears too much and i just can't say anything
because if i do, i will give up easily.
No one know about ourselves or not even one care too hear about your problem everyday,
here i tried too keep everything inside and being positive.
i do post ridiculous thing on my wall. i do said i hate my job. but there are another things
that i keep deep inside.
and honestly when i use to give up.
my heart and brain gonna pick me up and say
"there are lot of peoples out there, have their own stories and hardest part"
don't just give up and maybe what u face know are much more easier thn others out there.
if they are able to live their life.
y don't u.
yeah..that's my heart and brain. they are so positive and they make me strong to live this life.
Believe in Allah SWT. He won't test u with something that u are not afford to do.
May Allah bless me. Amin.


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